Case Study

The Carolina Express


The highly engaged parents and coaches behind the youth baseball juggernaut The Carolina Express, were spending too much time coordinating financial management to expand age groups and shift to a sustainable nonprofit structure focused on their core mission – developing young men into outstanding individuals, teammates, and citizens. 


Leveraging Ribbon’s fiscal sponsorship platform, The Carolina Express matched with The Meaning Foundation and unlocked a centralized financial solution for player tuition and tax- advantaged fundraising, providing individual spending cards, a compliant accounts payable system, and tracking for multiple simultaneous campaigns. 


Tax Deductions

Now able to offer tax deductions to donors, The Carolina Express saw a significant boost in their fundraising efforts. This is vital for a program that strives to be affordable and accessible to all, regardless of their financial background. 

User-Friendly Platform

Ribbon’s user-friendly platform streamlined the management of finances and operations, making the involvement of parents and coaches more efficient. 


The simplification of administrative tasks freed up valuable time and resources. This allowed The Carolina Express to redirect their focus towards coaching and mentoring young athletes. 


With Ribbon serving as a centralized hub for managing finances and storytelling, The Carolina Express could maintain its focus on developing young talents and building character. 

Increased Opportunities

Fiscal sponsorship opened up new opportunities for athletes who may not have had the necessary financial or family support. This ensures that the program remains accessible and empowering for all. 

Fiscal Sponsor

Ribbon's fiscal sponsorship platform has been a gamechanger for us, providing the tools and support needed to focus more on our mission and less on administrative tasks. We are now able to offer tax deductions to our donors, streamline our operations, and ensure our program is affordable and accessible to all.

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