Ribbon helps build, manage, and run your fiscal sponsorship program.

Save time, money, and effort by using Ribbon’s online platform to help manage your existing fiscal sponsorships or build a new one in minutes.

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Manage your existing fiscal sponsorships

Use Ribbon to manage your already existing fiscal sponsorship programs. Our all-in-one platform lets you manage funds, receive donations, and oversee all of your existing fiscal sponsorships. 

Start new fiscal sponsorship programs

With Ribbon your organization can start and manage new fiscal sponsorships in minutes. We give you the tools you’ll need to receive donations, manage funds, and start making a difference immediately.

Features of Ribbon

Nonprofit Banking

Tools to make managing your nonprofit's finances easier.

Donation forms

Receive donations from anywhere on the web with customizable donation forms.

Donor management

Manage, sort, and keep track of all your donors from your dashboard.

Fundraising Tools

Tools and integrations to build fundraising campaigns and make raising funds easier.

Team member management

Build and manage your nonprofit's team and board with team member management tools.

Custom integrations

Connect and integrate to top products used by nonprofits.

Start a new nonprofit in minutes

Ribbon gives new nonprofits the tools they need to start a new nonprofit in minutes. Use our platform to save time, money, and effort when creating your new nonprofit.

On average, Ribbon users save 6+ months of time and effort compared to those filing with the IRS.

Use Ribbon to save time, money, and effort.

Ribbon helps new and existing nonprofits manage, run, and raise funds for their fiscal sponsorship program.

Manage existing sponsorships
Use our platform to manage your existing sponsorships. We give you the banking and fundraising tools you need to completely manage your fiscal sponsorships.
Avoid mission creep
Easily spin-off new initiatives and programs into separate fiscal sponsorships to avoid mission creep and streamline your fundraising.
Create new fiscal sponsorships
Ribbon lets existing nonprofits build new fiscal sponsorships in minutes. Start a new program or sponsor a new organization with tools for fundraising, accounting, and nonprofit management.
Start your new nonprofit
Ribbon helps you create a new nonprofit in minutes. We'll give you all the tools you need to quickly build your new nonprofit from the ground up.
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Nonprofit banking made easy

Ribbon gives your organization banking features and tools specifically designed for fiscal sponsorship. Manage and distribute funds while receiving donations all in one platform.

More giving, less paperwork.

Spend less time finding and filling out paperwork and more time doing good. Our signup process will walk you through creating your nonprofit, setting up your bank account, and starting your new nonprofit in minutes!

Easy nonprofit registration

Donor management

Quick and easy banking

Organization management

How Ribbon works

Ribbon makes it possible to start a new nonprofit in minutes. When you join Ribbon, you’ll fill out simple questions and we’ll help your nonprofit get started through fiscal sponsorship. You’ll be able to start receiving tax-deductible donations, get access to banking, fundraising, and nonprofit management tools.

Fiscal sponsorship is a legal process where nonprofit organizations agree to sponsor nonprofits, allowing them to receive tax-deductible donations without having to file with the IRS. 

Fiscal sponsorship works great for all types of individuals starting a nonprofit in the U.S. It helps small community groups, temporary fundraisers, and other types of nonprofits get started faster.

In a typical structure, nonprofits file with the IRS to become 503(c)(3)s. This process takes 6 – 12 months and allows nonprofits to be their own entity and start receiving tax deductible donations.

With fiscal sponsorship, nonprofits partner with established organizations to start receiving tax-deductible donations immediately.

The fiscal sponsorship model can save organizations time, money, and effort. Typical nonprofits with 6 – 12 months before they can start receiving tax-deductible donations. They also spend thousands of dollars a year managing their nonprofit’s finances and accounting.

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